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Creative, Simple, Living.

And so begins, our journey filled with vibrant colour, health and wholeness, restful peace and genuine joy. The purpose of my rambling musings is to share my life’s journey along with the things I have gleaned and learned along the way.

The ups, downs, good, bad and ugly! Things which have instilled hope, passion and a zest for life in me, with the hope of helping someone else navigate through the choppy water’s of life.

Life? Life. The capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity and continuous change. Life really and truly isn’t about the destination but rather the journey to get there. At the end of the day, every single little step counts when you are alive and experiencing life.

Simply put, there is something to be said for plain, basic and uncomplicated form, nature and design. Easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty. Pretty straight forward really as we transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns and the like to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods and relationships.

That being said, all information, thoughts and resources on this website are based on my opinion unless otherwise noted. Information is intended to motivate and encourage you the reader to make your own informed health and creative life decisions and to further encourage you to do more research for yourself.

I am not a doctor, scientist, psychiatrist or therapist. Neither am I your mother, unless you happen to be one of my four amazing children or 2 daughter-in-laws reading this article! Please consult your Dr. for guidance when making health changes. My thoughts and opinions are my very own and not those of any sponsor or advertiser. If I link to or endorse a product or service on this website, it is because I have purchased the product or service myself, use it for myself and my family and think it is of high quality.

I commit to making all efforts to be sincere, respectful, kind and honest. I ask for the same from you. I encourage you to dialogue, share your journey, your thoughts and engage in conversation. However, disrespectful, offensive or rude comments will not be tolerated.

Now that the ground rules are all set, lets embark on this journey together. Let us pledge and agree that we are each artists and creative in our own right, living out our own unique plan and purpose.

Simple and uncluttered, treasure is often buried deep within. Can you see it? It’s time! Time to unearth the Hidden Treasures within you and experience Creative Simple Living.

2 Responses to “Creative, Simple, Living.

  • Sharon Stein
    1 year ago

    Very proud of my talented daughter. I few of her talents she learned from me, Most she learned on her own. She as gone through many good times and many hard times, but has come through them all a better person with a strong faith.
    Love you Barb

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